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June 30, 2009

Plastinated human / Humano plastinado

Plastinated human / Humano plastinado

CODE: 9pHgc00001

  • Dr. Ismael Concha: Project manager, dissection, painting, structure positioning & plastination.
  • Dr. Alberto Rodríguez: Project coodinator, director of Anatomy at U de los Andes.
  • Dr. Reinaldo Soto: Teeth
  • Dr. Carlos Epech: Orbit dissection & Eyes
  • Dr. Favio Valdes: Dissection
  • Sr. Emilio Cubillos: Technician, plastination
  • Sr. Marcos Valenzuela: Technician, plastination

Institution:Programa de Anatomía Universidad de los Andes, Santiago Chile.
Year: 2004

November 19, 2008

Encéfalo humano / Human encephalon

Vista inferior de encéfalo humano / inferior view of human encephalon

CODE: 6cHgc00001
Author: Dr. Ismael Concha A./status: V.M.Professor / e-mail:
Institution: Universidad de los Andes, Santiago Chile.
Year: 2004

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