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The making of a Didactic Macromodel of a Human Brain

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

Slices of whole human brain transferred to ship-wood-board slices, conveniently assembled and glued to produce a scientifical exact Macromodel.

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CODE: 9mHgc00001


Dr. Manuel Jeria Ibarra. email:

Institution: Universidad Santo Tomás, Viña del Mar. Chile
year: 2012

Language: English, Terminología Anatómica

This article was evaluated by

Dr. Rafael Coello C. (Ecuador)
Universidad de Guayaquil
Universidad Espiritu Santo. Ecuador

Dr. Ismael Concha (Chile).
Facultad de Recursos Naturales y Medicina Veterinaria
Universidad Santo Tomás.
Programa de Anatomía y Biología del Desarrollo (ICBM).
Universidad de Chile

Mesencephalon & Diencephalon of a dog brain

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Vista medial de corte sagital de perro macho (Canis familiaris). Fijado en Formol 20% y conservado en Alcohol/Glicerina.
Medial view of a sagittal section of a male dog brain (Canis familiaris). Fixed in 20% of formalin and preserved in alcohol/glicerin.


CODE: 6cAgc00002
Author: Dr. Paulo Salinas/ email: 
Institution:Unidad de Anatomía Veterinaria. Universidad Santo Tomás,
Year: 2007

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Encéfalo humano / Human encephalon

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

Vista inferior de encéfalo humano / inferior view of human encephalon

CODE: 6cHgc00001
Author: Dr. Ismael Concha A./status: V.M.Professor / e-mail:
Institution: Universidad de los Andes, Santiago Chile.
Year: 2004

Encephalon/ bovino/ bovine

Friday, October 17th, 2008

CODE: 6cAgc0003
Author: Unidad de Anatomía Veterinaria. Universidad Santo Tomás, Santiago Chile
Institution: Unidad de Anatomía Veterinaria. Universidad Santo Tomás, Santiago Chile.
year: 2001

  1. Cerebelum/ hemisferium dexter
  2. Cerebelum/ tenia
  3. Hemisferium sinister
  4. Fissura longitudinalis cerebri 
  5. Polo rostralis (frontalis)