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June 20, 2009

Variations in number of branches of aortic arch in Colombian fetuses. Repletion with polyester resin

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Paper in review process by the International Journal of Morphology. Received may 4th/2009 
 The present study was performed  in 51 hearts of human fetus. In 8 cases (15.7%) was founded a variation of aortic arch with 4 branches. Previous report of aortic arch with 4 branches showed 11 % of that variation in a group of 100 adults human hearts This is the first report of variations in number of branches of aortic arch in human fetus. 
* Gupta M, Sodhi L. Variations in branching pattern, shape, size and relative distances of arteries arising from arch of aorta. Nepal Med Coll J. 2005 Jun; 7(1):13 – 7  

CODE:   5cHgt00002     
José Darío Rojas Oviedo / status:  MD MSc 
Luis Ernesto Ballesteros   / status: MSc
Advisor: Luis Ernesto Ballesteros  

Institution:  Universidad Industrial de Santander. Colombia.      
Language: English
year: 2009

November 20, 2008

Cor /Corazon de humano/ Human’s heart

Ventrículo derecho de corazón humano con hipertrofia / Right ventricle of human hearth with hypertrophy
CODE: 5cHgt00009
Author of Plastination process: Dr. Ismael Concha A./status: V.M.Professor / e-mail:
Institution:Programa de Anatomía y Biología del Desarrollo ICBM. Universidad de Chile, Santiago Chile.
Year: 2004

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